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Over the years I have been deeply committed to SPAAMFAA and its founding principals. As we move forward I will continue to support SPAAMFAA to the best of my ability and in the greater interests of all our members.

I am committed to provide leadership and represent every member while supporting the growth of SPAAMFAA in the future


Since joining SPAAMFAA more than 30 years ago, I have serviced as Parliamentarian, Trustee, member of the By-Laws Committees and Chairman of the Preservation Award Program, a new program to recognize fire departments that preserve and maintain antique fire apparatus. 


Occasionally I am asked... “What do the Trustees and Vice Presidents do?  Great question.  People elected to serve in these positions are expected to lead the organization and focus on achieving the goals and mission of the organization.  Quite often this means working on committees, mentoring chapter presidents and new members in the organization.  Performing these duties often means they don’t have or get the time to play with the rigs at the national muster or attend all of the tours and activities.  An individual who desires to serve as a leader is making a commitment to put the organization and the member first during their terms of office.

My favorite way of promoting interest in the hobby and SPAAMFAA is demonstrated in the photographs on this home page.  Allowing people to be photographed, some of them famous, in or on our 1925 Fire Chief’s Buggy or our 1920 Obenchain-Boyer pumper, especially children creates lasting memories and provides a positive recognition of SPAAMFAA. 


Kids having a great time being photographed on antique fire apparatus. FRI Chicago

Giving Bob Romig's grandson Jaden a ride during the SPAAMFAA winter conference in Jacksonville, FL.

Neighborhood kids all excited and lined up for a ride on our 1920 Ford Obenchain-Boyer pumper.

Chatting with Randy Mantooth of Squad 51 fame at Fire Rescue in Chicago.

California State Fire Marshall Ron Coleman and Guyana Fire Chief at FRI Chicago.

Sandy Springs (GA) Fire Lieutenant and family pose for photos at FRI Atlanta.

SPAAMFAA Authors at CAFAA Muster Westminster, MD

Recruiting new members for SPAAMFAA.

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